Agenda: Mulberry; Hattie Dalton; Wilderness Festival; The Antlers; Melancholia

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Fashion: Join the country set

With fashion taking a turn towards all things bright and beautiful this autumn, now is the time to get ahead of the trend and bag yourself a bit of countrified cool. Mulberry – whose bags are regularly the bestselling hit of the season – worked this trend to perfection in its Roald Dahl-inspired show for autumn, and the first few pieces from its pre-collection will hit stores in early June. This fox-print jumper is snuggly soft and sure to generate some interest; put your name on the list now. £175,

Face to watch: Hattie Dalton

Following her Bafta win for 2004 short The Banker, the Aussie director's stock is set to rise further with feature debut Third Star. Out next month, the comedy-drama stars Benedict Cumberbatch as a dying man on a last-hurrah road trip.

Lexpionage: Duffender, n.

Someone who staunchly protects the public's right to rail haphazardly against pusillanimous politicians. May be referred to as an everyman/woman, but should never be confused with a bigot

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Margaret Atwood, Kim Kardashian, Monica Ali, Olivia Wilde

1. Challenge yourself today

2. Worked til the wee hours listening to lovely Kris Kristofferson tell stories about Janis, Leonard Cohen, and the Chelsea Hotel. swoon

3. Anyone know how to get rid of moths? Half my clothes have turned into lace.

4. Seen in woods on wkend: Geese, redpolls, robins, heron, goldfinches. Also: snow. But spring is on the way!

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App watch #14: Soundhound

Ever had a tune loop incessantly inside your head and been desperate to know what it's called? Well, help is at hand with this ingenious musical detector – a superior Shazam, if you will – that identifies your ditty as you sing or hum it into the phone. Ideal for all but the most tone-deaf crooners. Free from iTunes and Android Marketplace

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Events: Wilderness Festival

Elevated escapism awaits at this new Oxfordshire jamboree of music, food and artsiness, featuring Laura Marling and an al-fresco feast from our own Skye Gyngell. 12-14 August,

Music: The Antlers

The NYC indie-rockers' 2009 debut album, Hospice, was a spine-tingling triumph, and we're betting on them breaking big with the incoming follow-up. Hear new single 'Parentheses' at

Film: Melancholia

A wedding drama in the shadow of the apocalypse? Chekhov meets Emmerich? The trailer for Lars von Trier's latest is every bit as intriguing as you'd expect from the Danish agitator.

Match the tweet: 1. Kim kardashian; 2. Olivia Wilde; 3. Monica Ali 4. Margaret Atwood.