Battersea Arts Centre preparing for Lynch mob

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For David Lynch fans there is a life-drawing class this Saturday as part of the David Lynch season at London's Battersea Arts Centre – and as part of this month's The Big Draw celebrations.

That means that all the drawing set-ups will be inspired by his avant-garde style, with slowed down projections from his films as a backdrop, set-ups featuring familiar characters or props, soundtracks and lots of flickering lights and surreal imagery.

The Drawing Theatre is life drawing with a difference. The sessions are run by tutors David Price and Anne Noble-Partridge, who also organise life drawing workshops at the Tate Modern. They approached the BAC as they loved the theatre's space.

"When participants come in they can think like an artist. It's exciting to use a theatre space and have free reign. We often set up different poses in different rooms and let people go off and spend as much or little time drawing them as they like," explains Noble-Partridge. "It's less about getting the figure right and more about making a genuine creative response. They take ideas from what they see and listen to sounds that might influence the way they draw. They might create a narrative, they might use their imagination and make things up rather than copying directly – it's all an adventure."