Best movies on Netflix UK and US: 32 films that will end your endless scrolling

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Netflix's algorithm does a pretty good job of slinging recommended films in your direction, but it has its limits (especially if your niece has been using your account), so here's a whole bunch of movies to consider next time you're duvet-bound.

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Chances are you've chomped your way through House of Cards season 2 by now, made short work of Orange Is The New Black, and Breaking Bad is but a distant memory.

Aside from its TV originals, there are myriad great flicks on the streaming service, catering to pretty much all tastes.

In the gallery below you'll find something for all moods, from the unbridled epicness of Into The Wild and There Will Be Blood, to the hangover-ready frothiness of Priceless and Bridesmaids.

There's also gripping foreign films like The Skin I Live In and Dogtooth, cerebral hits like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Adaptation and A Dangerous Method and bonafide classics like Good Will Hunting and The Aviator.

But few of the best films of all time, as selected by The Independent's film critic, can be found on the online streaming service. 

As for the original content Netflix has coming up in the next year (Better Call Saul, OITNB and more), you can read about that here.

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