Bollywood podcast: Amitabh Bachchan

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It's been great setting out on this new adventure with The Independent to bring you some of the biggest Bollywood stars for the last couple of months. As 2009 (and the decade!) draws to a close, I've lined up a couple of real treats.

This amazing man has endured a remarkable 40 year career and still counting. At 67 years old, he's achieved more than most stars will ever dream of and starred in some of the biggest movies ever made. By opting out of the popular romantic flicks of the 70s, he literally opened up a genre which had never before been touched in Indian cinema and became the 'Angry Man' or the 'Action Hero' in Bollywood. He quite literally changed the face of Bollywood and continues to inspire and challenge. In his latest film, Paa, he plays a child suffering from the incredibly rare genetic disease, Progeria - a wonderfully, touching and emotive story about love, friendship, school, happiness and family. A must watch.


To a lot of people, he is Bollywood. I do hope you enjoy my interview with him, do leave feedback too.

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