Bollywood podcast: What's Your Raashee?

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Second Bollywood podcast already?! Good news is, I won't write too much rubbish here. Bad news is that I've said a bit more before the interview below, thus forming a nice introduction!

Thank you for listening to Rani Mukherji last week, really do hope you enjoyed it. This week's movie is a biggie - on all accounts. 13 original (and masterful) songs, 211 minutes running time and the lead girl plays 12 (yes, 12!) different roles in the movie! The movie in question is the next big Bollywood release, What's Your Raashee? (What's Your Star Sign?) - remember to take a cushion to the cinema!

This week's interview is with relative Bollywood newcomer, Harman Baweja. I've supported Harman since his debut in Love Story 2050 last year and spoken to him a few times since so naturally there's a lot to catch up on... Ashes cricket, being tone deaf, chatting up women, social networking... oh and of course, his latest film.

Listen to my new interview with Harman below, do leave some comments letting me know what you think and spread the word in letting people know that this is THE place to stop by for Bollywood interviews!

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What's Your Rashee - Su Che

Whats Your Raashee - Aaja Lehraate