Cannes 2008 - the preview: The Blockbusters

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The festival kicks off with a mouthwatering opener: Blindness, directed by Fernando Meirelles (City of God, The Constant Gardener), the adaptation of Jose Saramago's novel about a mystery epidemic of sightlessness, and with a cast including Julianne Moore and Gael García Bernal.

Clint Eastwood offers sombre-sounding period piece Changeling, about a lost child who is refound (or possibly not), while the tireless Steven Soderbergh weighs in with Guerrilla and The Argentine, separate features starring Benicio del Toro as the revolutionary pin-up Che Guevara.

Meanwhile, out of competition, there's the monolith there's no getting around: Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, in which Harrison Ford (far right) shows whether a 66-year-old man can still crack a bullwhip.