Cultural Life: Joseph Fiennes, actor

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I loved 'An Education'. Rosamund Pike was wonderful in such a small part and Carey Mulligan was just mind-bogglingly brilliant. Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds' has one of the best opening scenes.


The book that got me into reading was 'Siddhartha' by Hermann Hesse. Now I'm re-reading Emile Zola's 'Thérèse Raquin' and Charles Dickens's 'Little Dorrit'.


Because of the long hours filming the series, 'FlashForward', I don't really have time for other TV shows. I've got the DVD set of 'Lost' though, and it's wonderful. I'm half way through it and I'm really enjoying it. I love 'Mad Men' too. I think the writing is exceptional.


My music taste is right across the board. I love jazz and Miles Davis; Sibelius and other classical stuff. I'm into Kings of Leon. Who doesn't like them right now? I'm finding as I get older I am just more temperate. When I was 18 I loved any kind of angry hip-hop. Now I can't bear anything that's got a thumping bass and some aggression. I'm turning into an old, grumpy man.

Joseph Fiennes fronts the Carte Noire Readers campaign. See him read scenes from a mixture of modern and classic Penguin novels at