Cultural Life: Omar Sharif, actor

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Films: I have not seen any films lately. In fact, I never go to see movies, and I don't watch them on television either. I have no patience any more to watch something for two hours. But, if I do want to see a movie, I choose it carefully, because I must be sure that I will like it! In the last 30 years or so, I have seen three wonderful pictures, which were 'ET', 'Billy Elliot' and 'Amadeus'.

Books: For the same reasons, I don't like to read novels or things like that. But, I am always fond of re-reading Shakespeare or poetry. For example, I know some of the poems of José-Marie de Hérédia by heart.

Televison: Mostly sports, all sports! During the day, I watch all the races, especially as I have some very good horses which, by chance, have been winning since last year. I also watch the news and 'Larry King Live'.

Theatre & Opera: I have seen a French adaptation of 'The Birthday Party', a play by Harold Pinter, which is not one of his most popular plays. It's embarrassing for me to go to the opera, as I cry all my tears during the moving parts because of the beauty of it. But I am crazy about the opera.

Visual Arts: I went with a friend to the FIAC, a French market/exhibition for modern art, because he wanted to buy some paintings. Usually, I am more interested in people than art. Art can be anywhere – of course it's in nature, but also on a good plate made by a fantastic cook or in a child's drawing... anywhere!

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