Four De Niro films that didn't require a great deal of method

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Midnight Run (1988)

Not a bad film, nor De Niro's worst performance. However, audiences were shocked to see him upstaged by Charles Grodin.

Meet The Parents/Fockers (2000/2004)

OK, we laughed at De Niro as the anally retentive ex-secret agent turned bullying father-in-law, but this was a mighty comedown.

Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000)

De Niro clowns with cartoon characters. Once, his co-stars were greats like Harvey Keitel and James Woods; now, they're a squirrel and a moose.

Frankenstein (1994)

What was the actor doing hamming it up as if he was Boris Karloff? De Niro in make-up and prosthetics still evokes pathos, if only from seeing him in such preposterous garb.