From A Clockwork Orange to Straw Dogs, the banned films that reveal The Interview's silver lining

Sony could have a cult classic on their hands yet

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It's not looking like a very merry Christmas for Sony Pictures. Having been targeted in a cyber-attack believed to have been carried out by North Korea, the company has not only seen embarrassing private emails leaked but has now made the decision to pull its movie The Interview.

Major cinema chains refused to screen the comedy, based on the assassination of dictator Kim Jong-Un, after hackers threatened to target theatres in a 9/11 style attack.

Sony is set to lose millions of pounds and has been criticised by politicians, legal commentators and Hollywood itself for its "collapse" in the face of a security threat from anonymous hackers, which US intelligence services have said may be linked to the Hermit Kingdom.

However, there could be a silver lining - because there have been a host of highly-controversial films over the years that have nevertheless gone on to enjoy box-office success, critical acclaim and cult status.

In fact, in many cases it was the controversy surrounding them that cemented their place in the movie canon.

From The Exorcist to The Last Tango in Paris, and Straw Dogs to A Clockwork Orange, many movies that were criticised, censored and, in some cases, banned outright have gone on to become iconic.

Only time will tell...