From Man of Steel to the Hulk: The ten best film superheroes

Marvel favourites like Iron Man and Thor continue to beat the likes of Batman and Spider-man at the box office. Daisy Wyatt investigates their super powers

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Superheroes have a range of exciting, intimidating and otherwise extraordinary powers. But how do they fare commercially? Pretty well judging by the slew of Marvel-inspired and other DC Comic-related cinematic offerings that just keep on storming the box office.

The word “Superman” may not be uttered in the latest such offering, Man of Steel, released this Friday, but the film is expected to ratchet up big bucks and to ensure that the franchise keeps punching above its weight among the superhero film crowd. Regardless of whether it can match the iconic 1978 flick starring Christopher Reeve, Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman.

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While Superman, Batman and Spider-man are all household names, with film franchises supporting the longevity of their appeal, the box office numbers they've garnered have been trounced by the success of more modern superhero series such as Iron Man and The Avengers.

With new Captain America, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fantastic Four and even a Wolverine film set to hit cinemas in the next couple of years, we look at the current crop of heroes and rate their commercial super powers.