Gallery: The most controversial award ceremony moments

As sharp-tongued comedian Ricky Gervais is invited back to present the Golden Globes for the third time this Sunday, we take a look at other shocking gong-giving occasions

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Bruce Willis, Hugh Hefner, the Sex and the City girls and a 'certain famous scientologist' were all in the firing line. It seemed no member of Hollywood's elite was safe from the cutting gags of Ricky Gervais at last year's Golden Globe Awards.

While the awkward laughter echoed around the ballroom at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles, the British comic's snide insults caused outrage in some circles, with many claiming he'd 'taken it too far'.

In a column shortly after last year's ceremony, The Daily Telegraph showbusiness editor Anita Singh boldly stated: "Gervais is unlikely to be invited back as Golden Globes host after he mocked the organisers and insulted Hollywood celebrities."

Singh will be eating her words this Sunday, however, as she sees Gervais return to the stage once again to host the 69th awards, after it was revealed in November last year that he'd been invited back for a third go at the ceremony.

Despite 2011 possibly being Gervais' most tumultuous year, it remains to be seen whether this year's performance by The Office creator will be as close to the bone as the previous one.

Believe it or not though, Ricky Gervais wasn't the first man to ruffle a few feathers at an awards ceremony, as it seems events so packed full of eccentric (not to mention intoxicated) celebrities go hand in hand with controversy.

Whether it's outspoken presenters, angry activists or just plain odd wardrobe choices, film and music award ceremonies have become a breeding ground for outlandish showbusiness antics.

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