Good Scene / Bad Scene

Chosen by Michael Bay, director of 'Bad Boys 2'
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THE GOOD: Witness, Peter Weir, 1985

Harrison Ford plays detective John Book, who is sent to protect a young Amish woman and her son after he has witnessed the murder of an undercover narcotics agent. One of my favourite scenes is when the three bad guys start walking down a hill to the farm where the small boy, Book and his mother are hiding. But a signal is made and all the Amish people turn out to protect the boy. The strength of the united community overcomes one of the armed cops. The power of the community touched me deeply. Instead of portraying the Amish communityas quiet and retiring, it highlights their strong values.

THE BAD: The Core, Jon Amiel, 2003

This is a complete rip-off of my movie Armageddon. The scene where they ripped me off verbatim is when they are drawing straws over who has to do the most dangerous job. That's literally copied from Armageddon. What's worse is that when this movie was coming out the director was basically dissing Armageddon. The tagline for The Core was - The movie Armageddon wanted to be. But that film made a total of $10m, whereas Armageddon made $550m.The Core had so much money spent on it. My point is: You don't tempt the movie god.