Gun? Check. Tuxedo? Check. Therapist? Er...


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The first minute-and-a-bit teaser trailer for Sam Mendes's Bond movie, Skyfall, has just premiered online. Here are 007 things we've learnt from it:

1. Everybody's favourite secret agent – apart from Jason Bourne – is in therapy. The teaser opens with Bond undergoing psych eval, and he doesn't look too happy about it. Also, he doesn't want to talk about "Skyfall", whatever that is.

2. Locations include Shanghai, Westminster and the Scottish Highlands.

3. Bond girl Naomie Harris gives 007 a wet shave. And no, that's not a euphemism.

4. Mayhem induced by baddie Javier Bardem includes an exploding house, an attempted drowning (of Bond), and a Tube crash. The sign on the front of the train says "Not in Service", so maybe no one gets hurt.

5. Volkswagen is probably a major sponsor: Beetles are seen falling from a moving train.

6. Bond still fires a Walther PPK, wears a tuxedo, and drives an Aston Martin. But not all at the same time.

7. It's out in October, in Imax.