Harry Potter star teaches fans 'How to be Daniel Radcliffe' in spoof video

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Want to be more like Daniel Radcliffe? The actor has made a handy “How-to” guide in which he shares tips on staying grounded, dealing with anger and how to get Maggie Smith on speed-dial.

The tongue-in-cheek video is a lo-fi foray into comedy for the global superstar and is one of the first films to appear on Bad Teeth, a  new collaboration between Hat Trick, producers of Episodes, Father Ted and countless other television comedies, and YouTube.

Each week, Hat Trick will produce and upload four new videos – including topical sketches, animations, behind-the-scenes features and archive clips - to the online comedy channel, which launched last month. “It’s quick, cheap and a good way to introduce talent to an international audience”, says producer John Pocock. “The model for comedy online here is that you put stuff up and about two people watch it. We want everyone to see everything we make.”

To that end, they have recruited Radcliffe, who made his skit in an hour’s break from filming (Hat Trick’s) Have I Got News For You last year, and Damian Lewis who pops up in a sketch about a stuntman as well as internet favourites like Cassetteboy to provide exclusive content. Given Hat Trick’s distinguished stable of talent, more big names and guest curators are expected to appear as the channel finds its feet.

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