In pictures: 9 surprising people who should have won an Oscar... but didn't


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At last night's Oscars, the winners rightly took their place in history, but do spare a thought for the losers too.

Justice might have been done in the Best Picture category, with 12 Years A Slave the rightful winner, but it’s still something of a shock to see director Steve McQueen miss out on the award for Best Director after so many people had tipped him for it. But McQueen’s loss isn’t the only shock in the history of the Academy Awards.

Leonardo DiCaprio, for instance, also snubbed last night, has now lost out so many times he's practically more famous for it than his actual acting ability, considerable though it is. And it isn't just in the modern age that the right people haven't won. Time and again, throughout the Awards' (mostly) illustrious history, even luminaries like Stanley Kubrick, Orson Welles and Peter O'Toole have missed out on the recognition that should surely have been theirs.

Here are nine more injustices that history can’t rewrite…