'May a force be in you': the best Slightly Wrong Quotes t-shirts for movie buffs

Are you a movie buff? Well, then these t-shirts might irritate you, or make you laugh

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An online t-shirt store aims to troll the pedants in your life with t-shirts that have slightly wrong catchphrases from films and TV shows on them. It includes Alan Sugar's “You're sacked” and Joey Tribbiani's (Friends) “how are you going”. It also misquotes Ghostbusters, Forest Gump, Jaws, Predator and Dr Who.

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The Tumblr blog  Slightly Wrong Quotes encourages customers to 'irritate pedants" by wearing the shirts that have quotes which are wrong enough to be annoying, or if you got some sense of humour, to make you laugh.

The one man behind this work is the Glaswegian @Michaelmphysics, who started doing this to "make my pals laugh", but has now made it a  business. He takes submissions and sells the shirts in Red Bubble for a price range of £15-£19. His best tip: "Make sure that the quote is 100% correct."