My Fantasy Band: Allison Pierce The Pierces

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Drums - Mick Fleetwood

I just think he has the best groove in pop- rock music. A lot of Stevie Nicks's songs or even Lindsey Buckingham's songs were essentially folk tunes and he would put this groove behind them that transformed them. All of a sudden you could dance to them and move to them.

Keys - Billy Preston

He played with the Beatles on lots of their stuff and I just love what he does. He always seemed to know exactly what to play and make it sound soulful and cool.

Guitar - Robbie Robertson

He would give it that classic kind of American feel. The Band is one of my favourite bands and I think he's a classic American guitar player.

Bass - John Paul Jones

He would give the band some real balls. And who doesn't like Led Zeppelin, right? It was between him and Paul McCartney; I would have chosen Paul for his pop sensibilities, but I've gone with John Paul Jones for his rock sensibilities.

Vocals - Florence Welch

She would bring the whole thing into the 21st century and it would be nice to have a woman front the band. Her voice is powerful enough to stand on top of all those other amazing musicians. My bandmate and sister Catherine went to see her play in New York. At the time she hadn't heard any of her music yet, but she was totally floored by her.

The Pierces' new single, "You'll Be Mine", is out now on Polydor. The album 'You & I' is out in May