My fantasy band: Bethany Cosentino, Best Coast

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Vocals Drake

I really, really like Drake a lot. He's one of my favourite artists right now. I pretty much only listen to him at the moment. The whole of the last tour I spent listening to him on my iPod so I definitely want him involved; I think he's super-talented.

Vocals Stevie Nicks

She's one of my favourite female musicians of all time, and I look up to her so much. I think she has the most awesome voice and she writes such great songs. You could put her with anyone.

Guitar Stephen Malkmus

Pavement are one of my favourite bands ever. I just saw them play at the Pitchfork music festival and they are still just so amazing. Stephen Malkmus is so talented and he's also a very attractive older man. My bandmate, Ali, and I both think a lot of him.

Drums Fab Moretti

We love the Strokes, we listen to them all the time and he's such an awesome drummer. And let's face it, he's also a babe. I'm forming a whole band of babes here but I'm allowed to. I want lots of hot people to look at; maybe I should just have all of the Strokes?

Keyboard Hayley Williams

She is so cute and talented and is still super young. She has one of the best voices ever. I listen to a lot of [her band] Paramore as well. She can play keys but I'd also like to hear her sing; she and Stevie would sound nice together, I think.

Bass Mark Hoppus

He plays with Blink-182 and he is a totally crazy bassist. Wow, this has to be the best band ever!

Best Coast's new single, 'Boyfriend', and their album, 'Crazy For You', are both out now. Best Coast tour the UK from 29 November, and play London's Scala on 1 December.