My Fantasy Band: George Craig, One Night Only

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Vocals - Colin Blunstone

He is the lead singer of the Zombies and I just love his voice, it's really breathy and so nice to listen to. Lyrically, he sings really sweet, nice love songs. They're a very feel-good band.

Rapping - Snoop Dogg

Just to mix it up a bit I want to throw in Snoop Dogg; I think he can make anything sound cool. I saw him at Glastonbury, he walks on stage and is just the coolest guy. When he came on with Gorillaz, he turned that whole set around for me. I was feeling a bit bored and he just turned it into gold dust. It's like that Katy Perry song, "California Gurls"; it's great when he comes in.

Guitar - Jimmy Page and Prince

I struggled with this one. But I've decided on Jimmy Page and Prince. I can't choose one because they're my two favourites. Prince has really cool guitars and they are all custom made, and Page melts your face off with awesome solos. I hope that doesn't sound too cheesy.

Bass - Pete Wentz

I want Fall Out Boy's bassist because I really like his stage moves. He would mix it up a bit in the band and add a bit of an alternative vibe. I love all the crazy dancing he does, too.

Drums - Keith Moon

On tour I would imagine he would be a barrel of laughs and there would be loads of really funny moments. He's a drummer that you can listen to and know who it is. He's got his own style, his stage presence is awesome, he's a real character, a fun person and an amazing drummer.

Dancing - Shakira

Let's throw Shakira in to do some sexy dancing. I saw her at Glastonbury as well, I didn't love it but I think she's so hot. All the guys were enjoying it.

One Night Only's new album, 'One Night Only', is out now