My Fantasy Band: Sea of Bees

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Vocals Chris Martin

Let's start off with some Coldplay. He'll be nice, because his vocals are like chocolate: everyone likes him. He's the bittersweet chocolate, though, because he can go both ways: he can be badass or he can be very sweet.

Backing vocals - Jenny Lewis

I think Jenny Lewis's voice is amazing. It's her energy – she's very confident and she was made to rock and roll. Of all the female singers around these days, she doesn't conform to anything and she just does what she wants. I really admire that.

Guitar - Pete Townshend

I've seen lots of videos of The Who on YouTube and there is no question, they just rock out. It looks like he knows how to have a good time – he just takes the guitar and tells it what to do. I really enjoy his presence, so it would be really cool to have him play.

Piano Elton John

I've always been a big fan of his songs and it would be an honour to have him in the band. I could just see him closing his eyes, singing and going at it. I like people who are pretty free when they play. Everybody should like Elton John. I don't understand why you wouldn't.

Drums Ringo Starr

I really like his style, how he plays really loosely, never too tight like so many drummers nowadays. Ringo just went with the beat. He never let it take him over, I really admire that. I also really love his hair.

Bass - Martin Kelly

It's another Englishman! He played in East Village and he is the sweetest rock bassist, he has so much style to him. I like how he plays, the way he moves back and forth. He's just great.

Sea of Bees' new single, "Gnomes", is released on Monday on Heavenly Recordings