My Fantasy Band: Tony Allen, Drummer

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Vocals: Salif Keita and Oumou Sangare

Salif has a searing vocal. Oumou, "the Songbird of Wassoulou", is the queen of African singers. Her voice sends shivers down your spine.

Guitar: George Benson

Although people think of George as a singer, no other guitarist can match his dazzling ingenious licks.

Sax: Wayne Shorter

One of the most important jazz musicians of all time. He takes music beyond all expectation.

Keys: Joe Zawinul

He was the man with magic fingers. He was just awe-inspiring.

Bass: Bootsy Collins

He's been responsible for the most stunning live funk shows ever. But it's not just about the sound: His personality, and his star sunglasses, make for a great show.

Trumpet: Don Cherry

If you've seen him play the pocket trumpet with one hand while playing the piano, you'll understand where I'm coming from.

Drums: Tony Allen

With a line up like that, I wouldn't miss the opportunity to be involved.