New Great Gatsby posters look great


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Delayed so long that Scott Fitzgerald himself could have churned out a short story or  19, Baz Luhrmann’s 3D adaptation of The Great Gatsby is finally here.

Well almost – it actually comes out in the UK on the 17 May – but Warner Bros is cranking up the Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 that is its marketing department to remind people that, nine months later than planned, Luhrmann’s film  is coming.

Unsurpisingly, given the glamour-heavy source material and Luhrmann’s propensity  for lurid colours and super-stylised action, the marketing is as brash as Jay Gatsby’s demeanour. Witness a noisy trailer featuring Filter’s raucous cover of “Happy Together” and  Jay-Z and Kanye’s “No Church  in the Wild”.

The hyper-real colouring of these posters of Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway), Daisy (Carey Mulligan), Leo DiCaprio (Gatsby) et al are certainly something. Even if they do look a bit like art-deco Panini stickers (“Got Carraway, need Daisy Buchanan, need shifty baseball fixer Meyer Wolfsheim...”).

But as luminous as the ads are, it won’t help the film’s cause if its three-dimensional filming makes the residents of West Egg come across as two-dimensional. Over to you, Baz.