Observations: Bill Nighy is a man among guinea pigs

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Bill Nighy stars in Disney's new comedy-adventure film G-Force, about guinea pigs who are secretly government spies. This is Disney's latest entry in the 3D animation wars.

"I've been in a selection of different kinds of genres," says Bill Nighy, with the sort of verbal flourish that characterises his deliberate, sharp-as-a-tack speech. "This is the birth of a genre because there is only one guinea-pig movie in the world today and I'm in it. I've been present at the birth of another genre. I was in the very first rom-zom-com, Shaun of the Dead. So I'm a pioneer in this area."

His straight-faced response to a question asking why he's starring in a talking guinea-pig film? "Everything about it is beautiful, everything about it is attractive."

Nighy is once again the villain of the piece, a scheming megalomaniac using appliances as a front but actually plying more dangerous wares. His character is assailed by a crack team of tiny furry commandos but he is not complaining. "I'm not being cute but this was one of the nicest jobs I've ever done."

'G-Force' is out today