On the agenda: Harry Brown; Radley; Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre; Masterchef; Ctrl.Alt.Shift

You've got to ask yourself, 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, you should – the vigilantes are back...
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Who will it be? Thingummy-bob from Big Brother? Her off of Strictly? The excitement surrounding who's going to switch on the Christmas lights is, um, well, it's not. Never mind shenanigans across the capital – for those wanting a spectacular festival of light would be better off heading to the north-east on Thursday. More than 50 installations will be dotted around Durham (Air Vag's "Starry Nights"), including a cathedral transformed into a stunning canvas for images from the Lindisfarne Gospels, and a 1km stretch of riverside bridges and weirs festooned by huge light sculptures and fire-eating processions. www. lumieredurham.co.uk Adam Jacques


Is the vigilante film having a revival? Dirty Harry himself would be proud of OAP vigilante flick Harry Brown, out on Friday and starring Michael Caine (think Clint's Gran Torino, moved to inner-city London), while family man Gerard Butler is set to go on the rampage after witnessing the murder of his wife and daughter in Law Abiding Citizen in a fortnight. And for those who really like their revenge served cold... well, they can wait until 2011, when Michael Winner's classic 'Death Wish' is set for a remake. Can't wait? Calm down dear, it's only a film. AJ


Loved for its quintessential English style, leather-goods brand Radley is relaunching as Radley London this week with a collection full of heritage designs that really speak of the tradition behind the label and its signature Scottie dog. Its medium-sized Grosvenor satchel (£175), is a perfect blend of this season's retro-geeky look with classic uptown preppiness – perfect for shopping in the city or a weekend in the country. Tel: 08450 707 080 Harriet Walker


Fancy a pint and some pork scratchings with your avant-garde theatre? A pop-up pub with a difference will be appearing at Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre from Wednesday. Visitors will be able to take a seat in this old-style boozer, buy a pint, play some darts and banter with the landlord (an actor), while watching performers enact a series of soap-opera scenes around them; expect booze to be a running theme. Until 5 December. www.royalexchangetheatre.org.uk AJ

Food & Drink

TV's strangely compulsive 'MasterChef' comes to 3D life this week at London's Olympia (Thursday to Sunday). Quite apart from the thrill of seeing judges Gregg and John in the (substantial) flesh, visitors will also be able to watch top chefs in action, try their hand at an "invention" test and shop at a giant farmers' market. Far be it from us to suggest heckling, but the temptation to shout "Cor... yummy" while watching a live demonstration might be hard to resist. mastercheflive.com LM


How do you politicise a generation of disengaged kids more interested in completing Guitar Hero than combating extremism and corruption? One answer, according to experimental youth initiative Ctrl.Alt.Shift, is to speak to them in a medium they can connect with. Which is why it has collaborated with leading artists and graphic novelists from around the world (including David McKean, who illustrated Coraline) to create Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption, a comic book that highlights stories of corruption and its link to poverty. A story about Iran's "stolen election" is particularly arresting. www.ctrlaltshift.co.uk AJ