One Click Wonder: Star Trek

Pointy ears at the ready! After a long hiatus from the silver screen, Star Trek is back in the New Year, with ‘Lost’ creator J J Adams at the helm of a prequel about the young James Kirk and Spock. Here we celebrate all things Trekkie.
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‘Star Trek’ trailer

J J Adams take on the 11th film in the franchise reportedly veers away from the Trekkie canon. The cast looks promising: Simon Pegg plays Scotty and Winona Ryder somehow makes perfect sense as Spock’s mum.

Shatner does Pulp

William Shatner’s forays into music received mixed reviews, but this cover of Pulp’s “Common People” – accompanied here by an animation – will warm the hearts of even the most cynical Trekkie haters.

The Kirk drop kick

Shatner, in an interview with his daughter, reveals how to do his signature Star Trek drop kick. It worked for him on set when he was helped by a stunt man, but sadly he wasn’t so lucky in real life.

Star Trek vs Star Wars

Every sci-fi geek’s dreams come true in this clip, which mashes together the two intergalactic adventure series with a bit of clever editing. Watch as the Star Wars baddies kick some Star Trek butt.


Out-takes from the original 1960s series. The crew of the Starship Enterprise walk into doors, muffle their lines and burst out laughing (perhaps at the sight of themselves in some pretty ridiculous costumes).