Oscars Trending: Best foot forward. Er, no, not that far forward


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These days a big televised event isn't an event until at least one obscure element of it has been extrapolated and thrown into the Twittersphere for its meme-ment in the spotlight.

Angelina Jolie's sweeping gown, with a high slit through which she could wave her right leg to the world, became one of the unlikely outfits of the Oscars. Barely had the limb stepped into the mild Los Angeles air, than it became a much-talked about topic on Twitter, and soon after, one enterprising user sprung into action and started the feed @AngiesRightLeg.

Picking up numerous retweets, it quickly gained more than 10,000 followers – many more than the other Oscar-inspired-celebrity-appendage-account, @JLosNipple (after a near miss/ wardrobe malfunction).

Through the course of Sunday evening, the leg showed that it was just as bold as its owner with such tweets as: "You have to admit I'm one hell of a leg."

Well, it does have a point.