Parties: Stars fall for dominoes

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Dominoes has hitherto not been known as the game of the rich or idle, having little to recommend it except its brevity. But all that's changed with the arrival of "Hollywood Domino", a new take on the game dreamed up by Inge Theron and Daya Fernandez one night in Beverly Hills. Its launch in London certainly drew a star crowd to Mosimann's restaurant off Belgrave Square.

Hosted by Body of Lies director Ridley Scott and his wife Gianina Facio, the night saw Sienna Miller, Eva Herzigova and Tom Hollander battle it out for high stakes at four gaming tables. Josh Hartnett, currently performing in Rain Man in the West End, looked in after work, and was given a quick masterclass on the ivories by Sienna. A friendship was struck, and they went on to party late into the night.

Patrick Cox, Alice Temperley and Jamie Dornan were quick to learn, and were soon vying for the top prize of an 18ct gold and white diamond bracelet, which eventually went to London banker James Archer. David Walliams, too shy to play, was spotted deep in conversation at a corner table in the upstairs viewing gallery. More drinking and dancing followed as the Queens of Noize took to the decks.

Although born of a quiet night in, Hollywood Dominos is having not one but three launch parties, with another scheduled at New York's Edison ballrooms today. Who would have thought lining up blocks of lacquered wood could be such fun?