Parties: Want to see my Bafta?

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It's the Grey Goose Bafta after-party at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London, and the youth brigade have taken over. Brangelina and weeper Winslet are nowhere to be seen within the labyrinth of 15 rooms set aside for the bash – perhaps they're at one of impresario Harvey Weinstein's two parties across town.

But never mind that – here comes the Slumdog Millionaire himself, Dev Patel, leading his posse (and mentor/director Danny Boyle) into the fray. Sashaying beside him is co-star Freida Pinto, stunning in a pink Oscar de la Renta dress, but all 18-year-old Dev is interested in is animatedly bragging to all and sundry about meeting "Angelina" earlier.

Elsewhere, leggy St Trinian's girls Tamsin Egerton and Talulah Riley look innocence personified as they sip delicious white-grape cocktails, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Mamma Mia's Dominic Cooper playfully is throwing ice-cubes down the dress of coquettish rising star Hayley Atwell.

Talking of stars, here are two who have come ready-made: Harry Potter's elegant Emma Watson and Twilight's chisel-jawed vamp-in-chief Robert Pattinson, causing a ripple in every room they sweep into, before sweeping right out the door again.

At odds with the fresh-faced theme of the evening is plastic bunny Mickey Rourke, standing meekly in the corner. After promises of all-night revelry, the bad boy is falling short of expectations, and leaves early for one of the Weinstein soirées. Perhaps he felt it more appropriate to educate a crowd more his own age on the rules of party mayhem.