Party Of The Week: Just look who's deerstalking at the Sherlock Holmes premiere

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The scene outside the Sherlock Holmes premiere after-party perfectly recreated Victorian London, with a horse-drawn carriage and flaming torches.

Held at Number 1 Mayfair, an old London church, there were policemen on penny farthings and buxom wenches – even smog, old-fashioned lamp posts and coffins inside it.

Gwen Stefani arrived with her husband the British singer, Gavin Rossdale and was joined by Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs and the retired world boxing champion, Joe Calzaghe – all who had been to Monday's world premiere in Leicester Square earlier in evening.

The film's director Guy Ritchie was busy clapping all the cast on the back in a laddish way. Jude Law who plays Dr Watson and Robert Downey Jr who stars as Sherlock Holmes did an Irish jig together. Wedding Crashers actress Rachel McAdams who plays Holmes' love interest and the English actress Kelly Reilly, who plays Watson's fiancée, both wore Grecian-style dresses that had dried off after the downpour on the red carpet. Mark Strong, who plays a satanic-figure Lord Blackwood, proffered chestnuts that he had got from the stall outside.

Harry Potter actress Bonnie Wright, stuck close to actor Jamie Campbell Bower, who has a role in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie. Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton snuck into the premiere, too. But what Ritchie must be most happy about is the opportunity for a sequel.