Preview: The Artists Cinema Tour, Various venues across the UK

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Five new short films, which premiered at the Frieze Art Fair in October, will tour independent cinemas nationwide for 12 months. They include the Turner Prize nominee Phil Collins's six-minute film he who laughs last laughs longest, in which the artist organised an event to find the person who could laugh continuously, for the longest duration, for a cash prize.

The Thai film-maker Apichatpong Weerasethakul, whose previous films include the Cannes award-winner Tropical Malady, has made a short film, The Anthem, in which an old lady performs a ritual, channelling energy to cinema audiences, to give them a clear mind. The ritual is supposed to make a very bad film watchable and a good film a masterpiece.

The Mexican artist Miguel Calderon has made his first 35mm film, Guest of Honour, a narrative film that follows a family who stumble across a deer while on picnic, and adopt it as their pet. The British artist Bonnie Camplin's bizarre take on special effects in the film Special Afflictions by Roy Harryhozen is a homage to the special-effects creator Ray Harryhausen, and was inspired by the 1970s British horror film The Mutations.

The Belgian artist Manon de Boer has made Presto - Perfect Sound, a film that shows the composer and violinist George Van Dam performing the fourth movement of a Bartok violin sonata. It serves as a meditation on the relationship between sound and image.

De Boer, who filmed the violinist six times and then asked him to make the perfect soundtrack, synchronised the image to his sound. De Boer says: "It makes you question what you hear and what you see. I find it fascinating to watch the face of someone who is reading, playing music or thinking, because these are often the moments when people seem to forget their 'social face', being so concentrated on an interior activity; moments in which a mental space is reflected on the face - this surface between inside and outside."

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