The 10 Best boxsets of the year

Whether you could murder a few episodes of The Killing or fancy a slice of Fresh Meat, these DVDs contain the pick of 2012’s TV

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1. The Killing Trilogy – Series 1-3


Detective Sarah Lund dons knitted jumper and marches into the darkness as she tries to solve a series of sinister crimes. With plots that span everything from the emotional breakdown of the victims’ families to corruption in the heart of government, this modern classic is unmissable.

2. Downton Abbey Series 1-3


The critically acclaimed costume drama follows the lives of the  Crawley family and their servants.  Not yet caught it? Consider this:  the series has had more Emmy  nominations than any other  programme, ever.

3. Twilight Saga Quad Pack BoxSet


Based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer, this teen vampire flick follows the romantic trials and tribulations of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Only problem is, Edward is a vampire.  Starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the films have literally had fans swooning, although not because of the blood, just the ridiculously  good-looking cast. 

4. Breaking Bad Season 1-4


The Emmy award-winning comedy series follows the life of a high-school chemistry teacher who has a pregnant wife and son who suffers from cerebral palsy. When he is diagnosed with lung cancer he enters the drugs trade to leave his family an inheritance.

5. Mad Men Season 5


The latest season of the American series set in a 1960’s advertising agency, with an obsessive approach to cultural details. It’s difficult to tell what the show has generated more of – awards or column inches.

6. Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy


The hype around the new Batman films has been immense, not least because of the chilling characterisation of the Joker by actor Heath Ledger, his  penultimate film before his death.

7. London 2012 Olympic Games


Remember the Mobot? The Blade Runner’s debut? Jessica Ennis getting gold? Well, obviously, but in case your memory is a little hazy this is the DVD for you. Jam-packed with all the highlights of the Olympic games, it also has complete footage of Danny Boyle’s spectacular opening ceremony.

8. The Hour Series 1 and 2


Aired the same year, the Leveson Inquiry launched its investigation  into the modern media, The Hour is a nostalgic look at the golden age of news. Set in the 1950s, the characters’ personal lives are as controversial as the scandals they uncover.

9. Fresh Meat Series 1


From the creators of Peep Show, this comedy set in a student house looks set to run for years to come. With characters such as Vod, a scowling punk, and JP, a poor little rich boy, it’s a bit like The Young Ones, but with more heart.

10. Friday Night Dinner


Starring Simon Bird from The  Inbetweeners as well as the fantastic Tamsin Greig, this comedy joins the dysfunctional Goodmans each week as they attempt to enjoy a traditional meal together.