The best films of 2013

The Independent’s film critic selects his favourite films of the year

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As awards season approaches, we look back on the films that deserve recognition at the many ceremonies to come in the new year.

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Gravity, an 'intimately personal' mega-production blockbuster, is being touted as a possible Oscar contender despite its apparent lack of plot.

But the technical wizardry and astonishing cinematography blinded some to what a bold and stark piece of storytelling it really was.

In the past three years, the Best Picture nominees have varied between historical dramas and more manipulated films like Life of Pi.

Although the decision has often come down on the side of the historical pictures, the buzz generated by Gravity suggests it could win.

Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen's glorious return to form, is also being seriously discussed as a long-shot contender for the role of Best Picture as critics have heaped praise on this director's latest film.

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