The greatest hits of Don LaFontaine

Watch some of the trailers that made Don LaFontaine's voice famous
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"There are those who are born to be winners, and then… there are these guys."

The Godfather Part II
"A drama of absolute power and the men who violate it… The motion picture masterpiece of the year."

"‘Twas long ago and far away, in a land as different as night from day, where fairytale creatures of a magical sort, were banished by a prince who was… really short."

Minority Report
"The future can be seen. Murder can be stopped…The system can’t be wrong."

Striking Distance
"They should’ve never put him in the water, if they didn’t want him… to make waves."

Friday the 13th
"Friday the 13th. You may only see it once, but that…will be enough."

Batman Returns
"From the rooftops of Gotham, the purrrfect enemy comes to life. And the only one who can save this city… is a creature of the night."

Terminator 2: Judgement Day
"Same make. Same model. New Mission. Once he was programmed to destroy the future. Now his mission…is to protect it."

Cast Away
"At the edge of the world, the end of a man’s journey…will become the beginning of his life."

"Ghosts. They’re real. They’re mean…They’re here."