The Independent Film Forum: 13. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Our film forum is your chance to pass judgement on a recent release. Here's a selection of your views on the new superhero flick, starring Hugh Jackman
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Sonnyliew: There were enough plot holes in this to sink half-a-dozen movies. The sheer number of inconsistencies and clueless behaviour made it difficult to enjoy the movie even on a popcorn level.

Martin_lowe: Is it faithful to the comics? Not entirely but then it was never going to be and we've read enough variations on these themes to be happy with this one. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine and the other characters were equally satisfying. It fits well with the continuity of the other films and hopefully will be the first in a terrific new series. Altogether excellent, although I hope to see Deadpool back in the next one.

Johndhall99: Bruce Willis must be seething because Hugh Jackman can finish a film in a more ripped vest than he can. In fact, Hugh Jackman is more ripped all round. To say that these X-Men have largely eschewed costumes to promote greater believability, to have them turn up in the same outfit each time rather defeats the intent. And ever heard the plotline before? With the last twenty years of 'Wolverine' comics back story to draw on, they might have come up with something a bit more original. Some nice fights though. Next time, have him go up against John McClane for the honour of who gets to wear the sweaty vest.

Chicunique: What do you get if you mix Michelangelo's David, Mars, Roman God of War and Edward Scissorhands' distant cousin? You get James Logan – mutant of my dreams – played to perfection by Hugh Jackman. It hasn't escaped me that His Loveliness is sporting the type of facial carpetry that is usually worn by members of Ye Olde Fishermen of the North's annual convention or regular subscribers of 'Sheep Shearing For The 21st Century: Is Dolly The One For You?' but I managed to look beyond the fur and I was pleasantly surprised.

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