The Independent Film Forum: 14. Cheri

Our film forum is your chance to pass judgement on a recent release. Here's a selection of your views on Stephen Frears' new romantic drama
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chicunique: What's the difference between filling in your tax return and watching 'Cheri'? One is much more interesting and you get your money back (if you're lucky). I know I sound harsh, but there really is no other way; I was unable to suppress the sighs of tedium that escaped my lips while watching this film. Michelle Pfeiffer did the best she could with such poor material, but the High Priestess of Pure just doesn't have the acting gravitas to be convincing as Lea, a cunning courtesan. She cannot laugh with anything but a childlike tinkle, and a twinkle is never far from those cool pools of blue. Her entire persona has an aura of innocence that no amount of scowling can erase; a seraph she remains. Her lover, Cheri (Rupert Friend), resembles an effeminate poet whose rose-lipped coldness is just a tad too cold to care about.

Rose_Red80: Michelle Pfeiffer is wonderful in 'Cheri', a rip-roaring success of a movie that mixes wonderful costumes with top-notch drama. It reminds me of 'Brideshead' at its most glorious – probably due to the totally brilliant Rupert Friend who, contrary to most reviews – is believable and only rarely crosses the line into irritating. But the show is not his, for this movie belongs to Pfeiffer in all her immeasurably gorgeous glory.

cinemababy99: Michelle Pfeiffer takes the biscuit, in what is clearly her best performance in years. She was captivating and intense, although I found Rupert Friend underwhelming.

j_m_hall: In my opinion Rupert Friend is a pretty dire actor, yet there is no denying he certainly looks the part in 'Cheri'. Yet, however hollow-cheeked, breathless and consumptive he may appear, Friend's performance is a sickly as his character coming across as an intensely dislikeable spoilt brat. Teenage girls will swoon – everyone else will probably switch off.

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