The Word On... Slumdog Millionaire

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"It should be a huge hit; a romantic adventure set in India, made by English film-makers, featuring characters speaking Hindi, with a climax hinging on a question about a French novel. It's a blast." - Bob Mondello,

"Danny Boyle and cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle have immersed themselves in India's sensory overload. The film revels in the subcontinent's chaotic beauty and raging colour, from Mumbai shantytowns to Agra's regal Taj Mahal. The thrillingly off-the-cuff digital imagery reflects a nation in a state of explosive flux, skyscrapers erupting from wasteland, slum kids turning into overnight millionaires through the kiss of television. The film's vibrant, headlong 21st-century rush is that of the infinite possibilities of modern India itself." -

"Boyle's flashback device would appear to be a hindrance to the whole, but 'Slumdog' is nothing if not more than the sum of its parts, its collection of instantly iconic pop experiences effortlessly translating across the boundaries of age and culture into a superbly humanised modern-day fairy tale." - Rob Humanick,

"Contrived, yes – but very enjoyable and satisfying, too? Definitely." -