The Word On... Vicky Cristina Barcelona

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"The film wouldn't work without its superb acting quartet. Johansson, the latest Allen muse, gives her best performance for him as the capricious Cristina... Yet fittingly it's the Iberian contingent who really shine." - Leigh Singer, www.

"A lovely, empty Spanish travelogue. Per Mr Allen's own musings, 'I have no profound things to say about love.' Gee, Mr Allen, after all this time, honestly? Nothing at all?" - Kimberly Gadette,

"No amount of pretty scenery can conceal the tedium of these boring characters going about their boring and predictable business whilst yammering away in the patented, glib "Woody Allen" patter." - Gregory Weinkauf,

"Though it's tempting to dismiss 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' as an indulgent male fantasy, with Bardem controlling the fates and libidos of three beautiful women, Allen clouds the situation with a persistent romantic pessimism." - Scott Tobias,