The Word On...Changeling

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"Throughout 'Changeling', you can feel Clint Eastwood's sense of accomplishment. There he is behind the lens, champion of women's rights, exposing injustice. What he doesn't see is that he's detracting from Christine Collins' plight by oversimplifying... Eastwood has turned the truth into a bad joke." - Joseph,

"Angelina Jolie just has the wrong look for the role: she skulks through the movie like a ghoul, eyes glowering from beneath a series of cloche hats, more vamp than grieving mom. Her performance is wrapped around the lines 'I want my son back!' and 'Did you kill my son?' repeated at gradually increasing decibel levels." - Stephanie Zachareck,

"It's a terrific story that could have been an excellent movie if it was leaner and sharper. This has the effect of leaving us more interested in the production design than we are in the characters – especially as the villains are all broad, one-note monsters." - Rich Cline,

"Some critics said the film is a muddling jamboree of genres: courtroom, weepy, thriller, corruption, murder mystery.... So what? This is what happened. The emotionally constipated won't relish the film, [but] the child performances are superlative." - Vincent Olliver,