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The Word On...Tropic Thunder

"Ben Stiller's performance is easily the weakest element: like his 'Zoolander' character, he has a handful of exaggerated expressions and cycles through them on cue. But it's easy to forgive, given how thoroughly enjoyable 'Tropic Thunder' is on virtually every other count." - Tasha Robinson, www.avclub.com

"The movie works best while they are lampooning the film-making process, and even the first moment of violence has riotous shock value. From here, though, it all slips into a second-rate action movie. And the comedy feels almost unintentional." - Rich Cline, www.shadows.wall.net

"Seven years ago, Ben Stiller's 'Zoolander' set a new standard for really silly cinema. The 'spoof' genre has since gone right down the toilet. Thank goodness Stiller's got back in the director's chair, armed with a good script and great cast, and delivered one of the best comedies of the year." - Paul Gallagher, www.futuremovies.co.uk

"With infantile masculinity rife in today's Hollywood, and earning such an irritatingly generous pass from many mainstream critics, the trick seems largely to have worked, to a gross of almost $100m and a thriving word-of-mouth success. But you'll never convince me that this dunderheaded movie isn't superbad." - Nick Davies, www.nicksflickpicks.com