The X-Rated A-Listers

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Kevin Costner

It was in 2004, when the priapic Kevin was on honeymoon, that the Massage Incident happened. The masseuse claims that Costner asked if she'd be " comfortable" touching him "everywhere" (she said no). After furtive movements under the towel the star is said to have whipped off all coverings and performed an unspeakable act of "self-dating". The masseuse threw tissues at him and left, later taking the hotel to an industrial tribunal. Costner has form. "I used to pick up sluts," he once told the press. "I don't mean that nastily. It's a term of endearment." He's tried it on with many girls, with limited success. On one occasion, Costner fell for a model called Angie Everhart after seeing her in a magazine. He phoned her on a shoot in Mexico and asked her out. He filled a plane with flowers and sent it as a flying taxi to bring her to him. He took her to dinner, after which she said ta very much, and spent the night with friends. And now he's apparently been turned down by a Dundee masseuse. Poor guy. X-RATING: X

James Dean

He died at 24, but in his brief career built up a startling reputation for misbehaviour. He dodged the draft board for the Korean War by telling the selection committee he was gay, and certainly he had affairs with men and women; but he preferred anonymous S&M sex at The Club in East Hollywood. He was known as the Human Ashtray because he used to bare this chest when stoned and beg people to put out their cigarettes on him. By the time of Rebel, he'd turned into a self-destructive, manic-depressive monster, who stayed out on all-night shag-a-thons before early-morning shoots and spent much of the day off his head on marijuana. He often seemed like a big naughty kid. In the reception hall at Warner Brothers, he spat at the mounted portraits of Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney and Paul Muni. He showed up at serious tuxedo receptions in jeans and a T-shirt. The night before his death he had a screaming row with an ex-lover (male) who accused him of dating girls just for PR purposes. Maybe that was why he was driving his silver Porsche Spyder at 85mph the next day when he hit another car and checked out for good. X-RATING: XXX

Jean Harlow

She was the original "blonde bombshell" - so spectacularly, determinedly blonde that she bleached her (blonde) pubic hair so that it wouldn't cast a shadow behind her gauzy frock in Dinner at Eight. Though she died at only 26 of kidney disease, she crammed a lot in - eloping at 16 with her first husband, Chuck, the heir to a fortune but a raging drunkard. Her second was an older film producer, Paul. Unfortunately he was impotent and killed himself hours after trying to penetrate his wife with a dildo. One evening she hung around outside a cinema where her movie Red Dust was showing, and picked up a man coming out. After they'd made love, he told her, "You know, you could get a job as a Jean Harlow double." X-RATING: X

Jack Nicholson

Everyone's favourite hellraiser shot to fame playing a small-time lawyer who hits the road to New Orleans in Easy Rider. During the movie, he was obliged to smoke 155 joints while filming the campfire scene and dropped LSD with Dennis Hopper; in the morning he woke to find himself up a tree without the least idea how he got there. He has on occasion been roused to picturesque displays of anger, as when he stopped his car at a traffic light in LA, leapt out of his seat, shouted "You cut me off!" at a driver, then pulled from the boot a golf club and belaboured the car. It is, though, as a voracious sexual predator that he is best known. "I don't go through an hour a day when I don't get turned on," he once said. He has shared body fluids with Margaret Trudeau, Candice Bergen, Faye Dunaway, Angelica Huston, Meryl Streep, and the model Karen Mayo-Chandler, who reported: " His idea of being sexy is dressing in blue satin boxer shorts and fluorescent orange socks and chasing me around the room with a ping-pong paddle." X-RATING: X

Grace Kelly

She was a nice Philadelphia girl of Irish extraction who became a princess, but the Grace Kelly saga was a little short on fairytale romance. Far from being ecstatic that his daughter was getting spliced to European royalty, her father complained: "I don't want any broken-down prince who's head of a country nobody ever heard of marrying my daughter!" and complained, privately, "The Prince only comes up to Grace's titties." Several others did so, too. The roll-call of her conquests comprises most of Hollywood's Olympians, including Clark Gable, James Stewart, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Bing Crosby, David Niven, Frank Sinatra, Ray Milland and a great many others. "I'm not saying Grace was a nymphomaniac," one said. "After, say, four times, well that was just fine for her." When she called on William Holden on the set of The Country Girl, she came on so strong that he yelled, "Baby, when I want somebody, I go to them!" Before she was married, she used to model lingerie in New York; at lunchtime, she'd pop round to her lover's apartment for a quick one, and return, claiming that it "put a light in her eyes". When staying at the Chateau Marmont in LA, she would ask for the room number of handsome guests and call on them, wearing little white gloves. And she could be very accommodating. One night she came home to Laurel Canyon and, in front of an uncurtained window, slowly removed her hat, gloves, silk gown, bra and pants for the benefit of Alfred Hitchcock, who was watching her through a powerful telescope a mile away. X-RATING: XXX

Colin Farrell

From his first appearances in Hollywood, the rugged young Irishman came on like an old-fashioned hellraiser, drinking, sexing, swearing and (worst of all in California) smoking his way to an early grave. Every faux-shocked commentator mentioned the Irishman's six-packs-a-day smoking habit. It didn't seem to bother the girls. Farrell had a succession of closely scrutinised one-night stands and one-week liaisons with A-list beauties, including Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie. What was the big attraction? In a little-seen 2004 art house movie called A Home at the End of the World, preview audiences greeted with "audible gasps" the full-frontal sight of a naked Farrell walking down a hallway. The producers deleted the scene, fearing it might "distract" audiences from the "real content" of the film. Farrell became addicted to painkillers, originally for backache, and checked into a treatment centre last year. Most recently, Farrell has suffered the embarrassment of seeing a private 13-minute sex tape he made with his ex-Playmate girlfriend Nicole Narain turning up on a website, which had to close the day it opened because of "server overload". X-RATING: XX

Charlie Sheen

"I couldn't leave the house unless I'd smoked three joints, taken tranquillisers and drunk a bottle of bourbon," confessed a not-very-shamefaced Charlie Sheen after one of his many trips to rehab centres. The son of Martin Sheen, star of Apocalypse Now, he appears to have been spoilt rotten all his life. For his 16th birthday, he was given a BMW by his doting parents. Not long afterwards, he was discovered by a Malibu cop lying underneath the car on the Pacific Coast Highway, comatose and with a quantity of dope in his pocket. He escaped a drugs rap because "the judge was a friend of my mom's". When he discovered some credit-card receipts in a rubbish bin and tried to order some TV sets using the card number, he was arrested, but got off again. During the 1995 trial of Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood madam, Sheen admitted paying $53,000 in 15 months for "contacts" of Ms Fleiss (but he wanted everyone to know that the money paid for "heterosexual services".) When a director was tipped off about his drinking, Sheen trashed the grass's hotel room with a baseball ba t. X-RATING: XX

Lana Turner

The luscious, troubled "sweater girl" was born to misbehave. She couldn't help it. She just looked that way. Time magazine described her allure succinctly: "In any posture, Lana suggests she is looking up from a pillow." Raised by a mostly absent mother (her father was murdered after a crap-game) she found herself in several nasty foster homes, ran away from Hollywood High School at 15, and shortly afterwards was found by the publisher ofHollywood Reporter sipping a Coke at the Top Hat Café. She was soon christened the Nightclub Queen, appeared on the arms of different men every week for months, and was rarely out of the gossip columns. Confidential magazine followed her progress at the Cocoanut Grove and the Trocadero, as she was courted by Mickey Rooney, Robert Stack, Tyrone Power... "She was amoral," blustered an anonymous MGM executive. "If she saw a stagehand with tight pants and a muscular build, she'd invite him into her dressing-room." She had, however, disastrous taste in husbands. Her fourth, Lex (Tarzan) Barker, repeatedly raped Turner's daughter, Cheryl, between the ages of 10 and 14. Her fifth was Johnny (" Handsome Harry") Stompanato, a bullying gangster who tried to strangle her when she failed to make him executive producer on a film. On the evening of the Oscar awards in 1958, he beat her up for taking her mother and daughter to the awards rather than him. A week later, during a terrible row, Cheryl stabbed him to death with a carving knife. The whole sorry business became a smash-hit movie,Imitation of Life, a year later. X-RATING: XX

Errol Flynn

Tasmania-born, and a bit of a Tasmanian devil, Flynn set new standards for naughty behaviour. By the end of his life (he died in 1959, aged 50) he estimated that he'd spent between 12,000 and 14,000 nights making love. Somehow he also found time for ferocious drinking in all corners of the world (New Guinea, Paris, Hong Kong, Calcutta), raising hell with David Niven (the beach house he shared with David Niven was named "Cirrhosis by the Sea"), consuming amazing amounts of opium, marijuana, cocaine and morphine, yachting and playing tricks. He enjoyed showing off his gigantic membrum virile to admiring male friends, and used to demonstrate proudly that he could hang three beer mugs by their handles from it when erect. He also liked to put a dab of cocaine on his penis before making love as a way of delaying climax. A serious drinker, he used to inject an orange with a hypodermic full of vodka and suck the alcoholic juice out on set. In 1943, after an ill-advised evening out with teenage fans, he was charged with statutory rape (the girl said he didn't even take his shoes off) but he denied everything and got away with it. X-RATING: XXX