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One is a small-time cereal brand based in the titchy Dorset town of Poundbury. The other is the biggest, glitziest and most glamorous awards ceremony on the planet. What could Dorset cereals and this Sunday's Oscars award ceremony possibly have to do with one another? More than we might think, actually.

For this year, alongside the usual goodie bag fare – that last year included a trip to Monte Carlo, a home gym and a Tiffany crystal-studded cat collar – nominees visiting the GBK pre-Oscar "Gifting Lounge" will also have the opportunity to take home a box of cranberry, cherry and almond muesli, plus a bowl, spoon and a guide to Dorset. "Everyone was amazed when we were first approached," says Rob Ward, the company's head of communications. "We jumped at the chance to go to Hollywood."

So whether Streep, Spielberg, Scorsese et al, have been drowning their sorrows all night or toasting victory, at least they'll have a good breakfast to wake up to the next day.