Film inspired by final days of Jim Morrison expected out in 2011

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A film inspired by the final days of Jim Morrison is set to begin shooting in October, announced The Hollywood Reporter on April 15. Robert Saitzyk wrote the screenplay and will direct The Last Beat, which is will star Shawn Andrews as fictitious American rock star Jay Douglas.

The Last Beat will reportedly follow the last days of Douglas in early 1970s Paris, where the musician navigates relationships with two women - a glamorous French Countess and his California "soulmate." The storyline is more than loosely based on Morrison's life: the Doors frontman began living in Paris in March 1971 and died that July, found dead in a bathtub by Pamela Courson - the "California soulmate" of the film.

Saitzyk is the writer-director of White of Winter, Godspeed, and After the Flood, which starred Shawn Andrews. The actor has also appeared in Dazed and Confused and Big Heart City.

In 1991 Oliver Stone released his film The Doors, with Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison; the film was based on the true story of Morrison and the band but included many fictional aspects. More recently, When You're Strange, directed by Tom Dicillo and narrated by Johnny Depp, began hitting theaters in April. That film has been called "the true story of The Doors" by the band's former keyboardist Ray Manzarek.

According to MovieWeb, The Last Beat will hit theaters in 2011.