Film trailer: Aguilera and Cher in 'Burlesque'

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In Christina Aguilera's debut acting role in a major motion picture, the Grammy-winning singer stars in a classic tale of a small-town girl with showbiz dreams.

This first trailer reveals footage following the aspiring singer as she heads to Hollywood and lands a job as a waitress in a neo-burlesque club which struggles - until the newcomer dares to venture on stage and open her voice in song.

Co-stars include Cher as a retired dancer and owner of the club, Stanley Tucci ( Julie & Julia) as the stage manager, Kristen Bell ( Get Him to the Greek) as Aguilera's rival, Alan Cumming ( It's Complicated), ballroom dancer/singer Julianne Hough ( Dancing with the Stars) and Cam Giandet ( Twilight) as the bartender.

With a similar look to a modern-day Chicago, the film releases in North America November 24.