Film trailer: Anne Hathaway stars in 'One Day'

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Anne Hathaway costars in the romantic drama One Day with Jim Sturgess ( Across the Universe). Based on the bestselling novel by David Nicholls, it is directed by Lone Scherfig ( An Education).

Released on April 29, a new trailer depicts a couple who follow up an encounter at a college graduation with a friendship that develops over 20 years, revisiting their meeting every year on July 15 for two decades.

Through a collection of key moments, ups and downs, the audience sees these two different kinds of people - she's a working-class woman who dreams of making the world better and he's a wealthy charmer who finally finds what he's looking for.

One Day opens on August 19 in North America, on July 14 in the Czech Republic, and on September 30 in the UK and Denmark, and rolls out in other countries this fall.