Film trailer: Colin Firth in 'The King's Speech'

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Winner of the Toronto Film Festival People's Choice Award, the event's top prize, The King's Speech, starring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush, released a trailer yesterday, September 23.

The story tells of the British king George VI 's efforts to overcome a stammer with the assistance of Australian Lionel Logue, his pioneering speech therapist, played by Rush. The footage shows amusing scenes of practicing some controversial techniques and the two characters engaging in witty repartee.
The excerpts reveal the dramatic transformation from the embarrassment of stuttering in front of crowds to a moving wartime speech.

Firth ( A Single Man, Mamma Mia!), whose voice sounds altered to replicate the king's, is already suggested as an anticipated Oscar candidate for his performance.

Directed by Tom Hooper ( The Damned United), the film is based on the true story of Queen Elizabeth of England's father, who unexpectedly becomes king when his brother Edward abdicates the throne.

The film co-stars Helena Bonham Carter ( Alice in Wonderland) as Queen Elizabeth, Guy Pearce ( The Hurt Locker), and Michael Gambon ( Harry Potter films).

The King's Speech opens in theaters in the US on November 26.