Film trailer: Damon in Eastwood's 'Hereafter'

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Clint Eastwood's new film, Hereafter, which recently screened at the Toronto Film Festival, is a supernatural thriller that stars Matt Damon in a story of three people haunted by death.

Damon portrays a former psychic struggling with his connection to the afterlife. Marie Cécile de France ( Mesrine: Killer Instinct) plays a French journalist who has a near-death experience. Frankie McLaren plays a London schoolboy who cannot shake the loss of his twin. Bryce Dallas Howard ( The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) also co-stars.

The footage shows excerpts from the storylines of these three lives, plus images of a tidal wave and explosions. It shows how these lives are woven together and are changed by their beliefs about the hereafter.

Eastwood recently directed Invictus, also starring Damon, and Gran Torino. The screenplay of Hereafter is by Peter Morgan ( The Queen, Frost/Nixon). The film opens October 22 in US cinemas.