Film trailer: 'Frankie and Alice' starring Halle Berry

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Released early this week, the first trailer for Frankie and Alice starring Halle Berrry shows a performance by the actress reminiscent of her role in Monster's Ball, which earned her an Oscar.

Based on the true story of Frankie Murdoch, the psychological drama focuses on a woman suffering with Disassociate Identity Disorder or multiple personalities. Set in the 1970s, the footage shows the character's various disconnected selves, including a dancer and a racist, intercut with therapy sessions with her doctor in a psychiatric facility.

The film costars Stellan Skarsgard ( Angels & Demons), Phylicia Rashad ( For Colored Girls) and Matt Frewer ( Watchmen) and is directed by Geoffrey Sax ( White Noise).

The film was scheduled for release on December 10, most likely for consideration in the upcoming Oscar race.