Film trailer: Gyllenhaal in Duncan Jones' 'Source Code'

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Duncan Jones, the director of the sci-fi thriller Moon, will make his American film debut with another sci-fi thriller, Source Code. The action drama stars Jake Gyllenhaal ( The Prince of Persia, Love and Other Drugs).

A cross between Inception and Groundhog Day, the story centers on a soldier trapped in an eight-minute time loop on a mission to find out the identity of a terrorist bomber.

The footage opens on Captain Colter Stever in the body of a train commuter, who witnesses the explosion. Part of a government experiment, he relives the experience over and over again, to gather clues about the bomber and prevent the next attack.

The footage explains that "source code" is a computer program but then the soldier tries to interfere with the plan and change destiny.

Costarring Vera Farmiga ( Up In the Air), Michelle Monaghan ( Due Date, Mission Impossible III) and Jeffrey Wright ( Casino Royale).

The film is due in theaters April 15, 2011 and in the UK on March 11.