Film trailer: 'Inception' with Leonard DiCaprio

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The sci-fi action thriller Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio in a world of dreams where technology enters the mind to take ideas for corporate espionage.

DiCaprio's character, a skilled extractor of secrets from the subconscious, attempts the perfect crime - to plant an idea during the sleep state - in order to get his life back.

The trailer footage reveals the surreal imagery of the dream state, alludes to the danger of his plan, and offers an intriguing window into the complexity of the story.

Inception is directed by Christopher Nolan who made the smash The Dark Knight, Batman Begins and Memento. The film also stars Marion Cotillard, Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page ( Juno), Joseph Gordon-Levitt ( 500 Days of Summer), and Michael Caine.

The film releases internationally the week of July 16. An online game connects to the trailer: